{Solved} Hard Drive Not Spinning? Dead? Motor Not Running? No Detection?

We have two situations in this case: 1) Internal Hard Disk (Laptop & Desktop) 2) External USB Drive
21 January 2024

{Solved} Hard Drive Head Crash / Failure? Data Recovery Professional

About the Situation: The magnetic read/write heads are the workhorses of the hard drive. These
21 January 2024

{Solved} Memory Card Not Detected / No Detection / Not Showing Up in Mobile or PC

About the Situation: It can be caused by a number of things: Your Memory card has bad sectors or read /
21 January 2024

{Solved} – 31 Mb RAW Partition – SD & Micro SD Memory Cards

Symptoms: When you try to read your memory card through a card reader on a PC or Laptop and under disk
23 August 2019

{Solved} – Seagate 1TB External Hard Disk Drive Clicking Noise – Data Recovery

Symptoms:  Clicking Noise after plugging-in the Hard Drive USB Cable to Laptop or PC.  It can be Single
22 August 2019

{Solved} – The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error

I/O device error – External USB Hard Disk Drive Reasons For Error: Multiple times not removing the USB
21 August 2019
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