Data Engineers have been providing hard drive recovery services from faulty and broken hard disk drives since 2010, and are the India’s #1 hard drive data recovery company. Our success rates are exceptional. We are so confident that we can recover your data that we offer a ‘No Data – No Fee‘ service in most cases. Please do not open your hard drive yourself, as this will negate this service.
Failure Symptoms: – The hard drive may make a regular clicking noise when it is first powered on. This will last for approximately 20 seconds before the disk powers down. – The hard drive may beep when first powered on. – The drive will not be recognized by the computer – Listen to an audio file of a hard disk drive with a mechanical fault
Causes: – The hard drive has received a knock: for example, it may have been dropped, or if it is in a laptop, the laptop may have received a bang. – Mechanical failure is not exclusive to hard drives receiving knocks, hard drives can fail at any time – especially the older they get.
Failure Symptoms: – Files and Folders will not open or have become inaccessible – Files and Folders will not copy correctly – often CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Check) errors will be reported – Files and Folders may have been deleted or overwritten.
Causes: – Areas of the hard drive may not be readable due to the development of bad sectors. – Data structures on the hard drive may have been corrupted due to (e.g.) the disk not being ejected from the system correctly.
Failure Symptoms: – The drive will not spin when it is powered on. – Sometimes the hard drive will get very hot. – It will not be recognized by the computer.
Causes: – A power surge has caused damage to the drive – The wrong power cable has been plugged in.
Failure Symptoms: – The drive will be recognized incorrectly by the computer – Often the capacity of the drive is also reported incorrectly
Causes: – The firmware (or ‘microcode’) that runs the drive has become corrupted. Often this is a result of software bugs that exist in the firmware.
Causes: – A power surge has caused damage to the drive – The wrong power cable has been plugged in.

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Data Engineers operate an open pricing policy and we will give you the data recovery cost before we commence the recovery process. When you call us on +91-9818567981, or fill in the contact form, we will give you a quote. If you are happy with the quote, then we will arrange a courier to collect your hard drive from your home or business. Once we have fully diagnosed your hard drive disk failure, we will provide you with the full cost to go ahead and recover your data to a new hard drive and return it to you by courier service. If you do not wish to go ahead, we simply return your hard drive.

Our hard drive recovery services are safe and secure; so you can be completely assured that our processes are designed to protect your data and your privacy at all times. We are registered and monitored by the Central Information Commission. If your data is particularly sensitive or valuable, then we can provide extra security measures through Non-Disclosure Agreements, encryption, and security cleared couriers, if required.

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About Our Company

We offer quick, reliable, and affordable data recovery services for businesses and individuals. Our Team of experts has a proven track record of 100% success in recovering data from all types of storage media.
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We Can Save It!

Each data loss situation is unique. The improper use of data recovery software could put your data at risk. Data Engineers has developed proprietary tools and data recovery techniques that allow us to deliver custom recovery solutions for every data loss scenario, including:

Logical Problems

1. Firmware corruption
2. File system corruption
3. Lost passwords
4. Deletions
5. Partial overwriting

Physical Damage

1. Head crash
2. Media damage
3. Actuator failure
4. Damaged motor
5. Controller error

Natural Disasters

1. Fire
2. Flood
3. Hurricane
4. Earthquake
5. Power spikes