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Nobody Wows Clients Like We Do

We are one of the Top Data Recovery Companies and have been delivering the best data restoration service in the industry since 2010.

Our Vision and Mission

We offer quick, reliable, and affordable data recovery services for businesses and individuals. Our Team of experts has a proven track record of 100% success in recovering data from all types of storage media.

Devoted to Customer Service

Since the company’s inception, Data Engineers founders have driven the philosophy of exceeding every customer’s expectations on all levels, at all times. One way we make this happen is to staff our phones 7 days a week. Calls are answered at our facility by professional Data Recovery Advisors who are available to discuss data loss issues for every type of customer—from the IT professional to the home user.

Data Engineers success stories are legendary and have received extensive coverage throughout the world. Satisfied customers include Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, colleges and universities, major film studios, government agencies, small businesses, celebrities, musicians, college students and many more.

Safe & Secure

  • We assure world-class quality, best-in-class data recovery.

  • Delightful experience with 100% confidentiality of your data.

  • Most tested and most awarded for over 13 years.


Driving the Data Recovery Industry Today

Today, Data Engineers is the worldwide leader in data recovery services and provides the fastest, most secure and reliable data recovery service available. We employ over 40 professionals and support over 2,000 business partners. Most of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers. We have earned a reputation as the most trusted and respected data recovery service provider in the industry.
Hard Disk Data Recovery
Mobile & Tablet Data Recovery
SSD Data Recovery
Pen Drive & Memory Card Data Recovery
Many Reasons For People Choosing Us

Why Choose Us

Data Engineers are fully compliant in data privacy and security and are registered with the Central Information Commission. Our CIC certificate number is available on request, and you can visit the CIC web site at https://cic.gov.in/

Additional privacy measures such as Non Disclosure Agreement’s can also be requested where necessary.

Data Privacy: Read Data Engineers GDPR privacy policy, also known as a ‘Fair Processing Statement’.

  • We are the only data recovery company with a government backed DTI project into developing hard drive data recovery techniques, we recover data where others can’t. Also our unique agreement with hard drive manufacturer’s means we have access to a lot of technical knowledge others don’t.
  • Data Engineers are one of only a few companies to have a cleanroom – a clean air environment that is essential for mechanical work on hard drives, and the only company to have a spin stand (What’s a spin stand? – see here).

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Data Engineers have been providing Hard Drive recovery services from faulty and broken hard disk drives.

Mobile & Tablet Data Recovery

Data Engineers use multiple methods & Forensic solutions for extracting data from mobile phones and tablets.

13+ Years Experience

All leading manufacturers authorize Data Engineers to open sealed storage device mechanisms without voiding the original warranty. Our data recovery allows you to receive an in-warranty device replacement from the manufacturer.
  • Western Digital
  • Seagate
  • Toshiba
  • SanDisk

SSD Data Recovery

SSDs are less prone to physical damage & far more resilient but Data Engineers recover data where others have failed.

Pen Drive & Memory Card Data Recovery

Data Engineers use hardware recovery techniques & these methods are far superior to any software approach.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs

Data recovery is one of those things you don’t know you need until you need it. You probably didn’t know professional labs like the one here at Data Engineers existed until something horrible happened. Maybe you deleted a folder full of critical documents by mistake. Maybe your PC stopped booting and started giving you ominous errors with messages like “No Boot Device Found.” Maybe your USB external hard drive started making weird clicking or beeping noises or your NAS server suddenly stopped working.

If the hard drive is making sounds it has never made before, stop your work immediately; keeping it on or force reading it may cause more damage. Call, bring it in or ship it to us. We can still help you recover the data.

If the data is critical, we don’t suggest running any utilities on it. We’d rather have you bring the drive in for a professional data recovery engineer to examine it. Be aware – utilities are never guaranteed, and can often cause more harm than good.

Not necessarily. We have recovered data from fire or flood damaged media in the past.

Usually the evaluation is done within 8-24 hours and most of the recoveries are done within a day or two. We do offer an expedited and a 24/7 emergency evaluation and recovery options- please contact us regarding these options.

Our Team Members

Our Creative Team

Few important team members of our company who help drive every decision and interact with our clients to solve there problems in a convenient way.

Ajay Kumar Agarwal
Shubh Singhal
Sandeep Saraswat