SSD’s or Solid State Drives to give them their full title are relatively new devices that store computer data in non-volatile memory chips and contain no moving parts – simply imagine a memory stick that plugs into your computer’s USB port but with a much larger storage capacity and you have in essence what an SSD actually is.

SSD’s are very different to their conventional hard disk drive (HDD) counterparts that use magnetically coated rotating platters to hold data. Compared to hard drives, SSDs are typically less prone to physical damage and are far more resilient. It’s important to note however, that this does not mean they are indestructible. SSD’s still fail at rates similar to HDD’s. but in different ways.


Loss of data on SSD’s can be due to a variety of reasons and some common types of SSD failure include:

– Damage to the drive’s firmware zone
– The SSD is no longer recognised
– Electronic faults
– Physical damage
– Service Area corruption
– Damaged controller
– Logical data corruption
– Accidental deletion of files and folders

As discussed above, SSD hard drives fail just like their HDD counterparts but in different ways. Whereas HDD hard drives will often fail with a problem related to their moving mechanical parts, SSD’s usually fail with problems:

– Buggy Microprogramming
– With Electronic Issues
– With Data or File System corruption

SSD Data Recovery is possible and but is highly specialized. We recommend sending the drive to us as we have a good success rate with SSD’s, but of course it’s on a case by case basis and we would need to diagnose the exact problem with your hard drive before knowing whether a recovery of data is possible.

Few SSD Manufacturer produced SSD drives which had bugs in it’s microprogramming causing it to hibernate in certain circumstances. It was not possible to wake the drive from hibernation – and to this day there is no data recovery fix for this problem.


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Data Engineers operate an open pricing policy and we will give you the data recovery cost before we commence the recovery process. When you call us on +91-9818567981, or fill in the contact form, we will give you a quote. If you are happy with the quote, then we will arrange a courier to collect your hard drive from your home or business. Once we have fully diagnosed your hard drive disk failure, we will provide you with the full cost to go ahead and recover your data to a new hard drive and return it to you by courier service. If you do not wish to go ahead, we simply return your hard drive.

Our hard drive recovery services are safe and secure; so you can be completely assured that our processes are designed to protect your data and your privacy at all times. We are registered and monitored by the Central Information Commission. If your data is particularly sensitive or valuable, then we can provide extra security measures through Non-Disclosure Agreements, encryption, and security cleared couriers, if required.

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